Ms Grace likes cuckold phone sexHey there little wannabe cucks!

Do you know how many times a day I hear the whimpering of a puny cocked man, if you can call him a man at that, asking me how he can get his significant other to cuckold him? It is a question I hear daily. Hard to believe….no, not really huh?

Questions I Hear From Cuckolds

Of course the answers I give always vary from person to person, depending on the lifestyle, and the relationship. Is she a naturally dominant wife already? There is no one fit answer for anyone that is for sure. I mean how open is she sexually? How many times have you caught her staring at a big bulge in a hot guy’s pants? How many times, while having sex, have you been able to tell she is just going through the motions. Has she openly told you she fantasizes about being with other men, or many other men? These are all questions that matter. Mind you of course, there is part of me that the moment he tells me he only has a 2 or 3 inch cock, that my mind goes, she is already doing it, you just don’t know about it, haha. Can you tell how much amusement I get from cuckold phone sex?! *wink*

Be Careful What You Wish for Little Cuckold

The best words of advice I can always give is, be careful what you wish for. That is one thing for sure. Once you open up Pandora’s box, so to speak, there is no going back. Once she has felt the pleasure of a big bull’s cock inside her, she will never be able to go back to your tiny little itty bitty one. Even if you do have, let’s say a 5 inch cock, it still won’t do the job. From the moment she feels his Alpha meat slide inside her, stretching her tight pussy, she will be wanting more – no needing more.  The fantasy will be over, from that point on your wife/girlfriend will be cock hungry for more dick than you will ever be able to give her!

What to do After She has Been with a Real Man

When that happens, you can always call me. I am more than happy to laugh at your tears and tell you all about why she needs his cock, why she wants it so bad, and how you will never be enough for her! *smirk* You will learn your lessons on why to be careful what you wish for.

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