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Cum play with Ms. Piper

Are you living the dream–the cuckold dream?

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have that begin with the words, “How can I get my wife to cuckold me?”

But you know the answer, don’t you?

You know when that thing between your legs is quite underwhelming, it’s natural that your wife will eventually seek something more substantial to satisfy her.

Oh, she thought it was cute in the early days, didn’t she? Your small penis was charming, and she’d give it a nice little pat on the head every now and then. Your wife thought she wasn’t capable of those earth-shattering orgasms her girlfriends alluded to when the wine was flowing during girls night out.

Unfortunately, some how she got clued in.

Your tiny cock isn’t really cute and charming; it’s actually a cruel joke.

Her friend told her that a sexy hot wife like her doesn’t have to settle for a teeny weenie for the rest of her life. Big black bulls–with powerful veiny cocks that shoot ropes of cum out of the monstrous head–would love to keep her satisfied.

She came home and told you that when she saw his massive meaty cock for the first time she was terrified, sure it would never fit inside her.

And truthfully, feeling it open her up the first time was a bit uncomfortable. Her powerful man had told her that fucking her the first time was just like fucking a virgin, she was so tight.

And she and her bull laughed at how tiny your minuscule erection actually was.

Oh, she was quite pissed when she got home. You had her convinced she couldn’t have screaming, squirting orgasms because there was something wrong with her, when all along you knew that your little man stump was inadequate.

Now you get to make it up to her, don’t you? Now you get to be her faithful cuckold while she shamelessly cheats on you.

Awww….it’s okay. Maybe she’ll let you watch and play along.

Go ahead and do it. Wrap your hand around that huge black dick and guide it into your bride’s beautiful dripping pussy.

Watch her writhe as he stuffs her balls deep. Hold her legs back and lick her clit while she gets the fucking of a lifetime.

Oh sure, you’ll be humiliated and ashamed when your wife cums on his big cock embarrassingly hard. And you’ll be even more mortified when your own little wiener sticks straight out and drips like a leaky faucet when you compare your little needle stump to his real man cock. It’s okay, some little guys think small penis humiliation is so hot.

But that will be our little secret–I’ll never tell.

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