Ms CallieSometimes, as a cuckold, you just want to discuss everything that’s been going on lately. The development of your wife becoming a totally hot slut wife, turning you into a cuckold, and perhaps even sissifying you once she discovered how eagerly you licked up those creampies. You’re a real life cuckold, and nothing arouses your (probably inadequate) self more than revisiting those experiences, and telling me all about them. It’s more than a little humiliating, isn’t it? Recounting all the details to a pretty girl like me who knows just why your wife needs satisfaction from other men, hearing me giggle when you tell me your own role in the cuckoldry.

Your Cuckold Fantasies are Cuckold Realities

I want you to start from the beginning, cuckold. Tell me just exactly how that first time went down. Had she secretly been cuckolding you for some time, slipping out in the evenings and coming home with a pussy full of cum? Did she initially have some reservations, but then once she realized how incredible her orgasms were (and that you were a true cuckold, not some jealous husband), she turned into the slut wife you always fantasized about,  with two well-hung lovers on the side and an insatiable pussy? Admit it, you were kind of shocked about how far she went that first time, how much she enjoyed it. But that was just the beginning.

Do You Know Your Cuckold Role?

Now she’s a full-fledged Cuckoldress, and what does that make you exactly, cuckie? You do know your place in the relationship, I’m sure. And of course, if you don’t, well, I’ll be sure to tell you exactly what your role is. Because now that your sexy wife is getting nice, big cock whenever she wants it, right in front of you or behind closed doors. Well, I’m sure she’s making you useful in other ways, isn’t she? Time to tell me all about it, cuckie!

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