I Know You Love It

Just as much as she does. Like a good little cuckold, you even enjoy helping her pick out the skimpiest outfits to go out on her Bull hunt, don’t you? I bet when she’s out hunting, you probably slip on a pair of her panties! Maybe get a wif of the dirty ones from last night’s sexual tryst. Playing it back in your mind makes that pathetic little dick of yours just crazy! You know how badly she craves a big cock, so you will always get these moments cuckie.

You Beg

For that bull to please her with that big, juicy cock! Time, after time you watch as they fill her pussy, making her body wave in intense pleasure. The way she white knuckles the silky sheets in her hands. Do you sit back and wonder what his dick must feel like? Hearing her say those humiliating things to you, as she moans and grinds up into his body! Yelling out HIS name as she orgasms, her body trembling as she soaks his dick with her sweet nectar. He soon follows, almost a primal growl, he releases deep inside her. You are immediately summoned upon to clean up! Plunging your tongue into her delectable cream pie. Sure not to miss a drop!

Are you ready to go further?

You have already tasted that mix of sweet and salty from her pussy and like it! It’s time that you involve yourself even further! I think you are ready to become her fluffer. You know you have thought about it cuckie. Imagine how happy you would make her, taking that job for her. I know you can do it, you want to please her anyway possible. So, come on let me teach you how to fluff a cock properly. Who knows, you may find that you were meant for the job!

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