Ms JordanFailure!

Failing miserably over the years has brought your wife to this point! I have decided that the both of you need an intervention due to your deficient and inadequate abilities as her husband. Within the hour my driver will arrive. I’ve directed your wife to take the liberty of packing your bags!  I know you are too pathetic to remember everything you will need at Cuckold Boot Camp.  Yes, that’s where we are going.

The Grouping

Attempt to look manly, though I know that is a bit of a task for you.  Try not to let them know what a chronic masturbator and dick whacker you truly are!  Nevertheless, I’m sure your Cuckold character will shine right thru! Sucker! Upon arriving the instructors will decide what troop you will belong to.

1. Small Penis Losers 2. Pre-Ejaculating Bitch Boys 3. The Limp Dicks 4. Pathetic Poor Pansies

Bull Hunt by the time you are given your appropriate “uniform” wifey will be sipping wine with all the bulls at camp.  Watch her hunt for that perfect bull. One that will humiliate, mock and slut you out beyond belief! They’re all huge, just what your cock starved wife needs!

The “Meat”

I would suggest not overexerting yourself while running your courses and running all your drills.  It seems your wife has picked the largest bull of them all, quite meaty I must say.  Have you been working on your fluffer and guiding skills?  I hope so for your own good.  Then again, watching you struggle with that perfectly picked bull will be quite entertaining!

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