Ms CatherineYou know, if I didn’t know better, sometimes I’d think you like being my little fluffer boy, my cuckold and fuck toy for reasons of your own!  Oh I know you always say it’s because you love seeing me take the kind of cock I really want, that you love to see me enjoy myself and while I know that’s probably true, I also think you have a bit of an ulterior motive.  Is that possible?  Could it be that you crave cock every bit as much as I do?  Could it be that seeing ME satisfied is just an excuse to indulge YOURSELF?  You have to admit that you didn’t take much persuading, did you?

Remember that first cock?

Remember, when I told you to get down to your knees and take that first cock in your mouth?  Come to think of it, you didn’t take any persuading at all, in fact you could hardly wait to gag on that huge dick – I remember that distinctly!  Oh well, does it really matter?  As long as we’re both enjoying a little extramarital cock , that’s all that matters, isn’t it?  And how perfect that we both seem to enjoy the same kind of cock – big, but not too big – a nice healthy size. Hard, of course, with plenty of staying power.

The Next Step

You know, now that I come to think of it, you might be ready for the next step.  You’ve sucked cock , made it all nice and slippery for me, but you haven’t had to swallow yet, have you?  Oh yes, definitely time to move on a step, don’t you think so, cuckie boy?

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