Ms CooperWell, you know that you have not been living up to your potential, right?  I have given you plenty of chances to get your act together, and quite frankly I’m tired of waiting!  So, I guess you might say that I have taken matters into my own hands. Meet my new friend Dave, I invited him over to spend some time with us, me in particular!  Your little dick, and lack of enthusiasm, have pushed me to the point of having to go elsewhere to find sexual gratification, and here he is.  So sit down and watch. You might just learn something and that wouldn’t be hard to accomplish!

Now sit down on the couch and watch a real man at work.  When he drops his slacks you will see why I’m so excited about you watching.  His cock is huge and trust me he knows how to use it. Oh, did I forget to tell you that I have been fucking him for a few months now? Well get over it, watch and listen.  Trust me, you have never made me moan and scream out like he does; with you it is more a sigh of boredom lol.

Oh my, look at his cock. I know that you wish you had one half as big as his.  If you did I wouldn’t be with him, now would I?  I want you to see how he stretches my sweet little pussy and brings me to the heights of sexual ecstasy!  How does that make you feel that another man is bringing me pleasure, something that you can’t do for me?  Well get over it, this is going to be an everyday thing from now on.  Surely you don’t think that I’m going to go without this pleasure again do you?  So I guess bottom line is that you will be sharing me with any man that I decide to bring home.  And if you want to be with me, you’re just going to have to join us!  Making you my little fluffer and clean up boy has a nice ring to it  lmao.

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