Ms LillyEspecially poor, sweet, puny-packaged Patrick.

Have you ever wanted something, or someone, so badly you’d do anything to get it? Well, that’s exactly how Patrick felt about his wife. The poor little man had truly gotten the short end of the stick when it came to endowments; his itty bitty button dick wasn’t capable of satisfying a woman…much less someone as highly sexed as his stunning wife. She’d kicked him out of their bedroom and had cheerfully replaced Patrick’s tiny tinker toy with a larger, vibrating model.

Patrick wanted to satisfy his wife; he wanted her sweet pussy…but she steadfastly refused. She’d found all the cock she needed in 7 inches of silicone that never got soft; she didn’t need the tick tack hanging between his thighs anymore. When she was feeling especially generous…she might even let him watch while she had some one-on-one time with her favorite toy—but she never let him stroke to completion. She never let him come.

Until one day, when she told him that she’d changed her mind.

Tonight, he was welcome inside her bedroom, inside of her….but only if he brought someone home to fuck her the way he never could. She was tired of toy cocks and wanted a real one…not Patrick’s mini model. If he found a suitable stud, and brought him home—-then, and only then, could he crawl between her thighs, and ride her.

Nervous, excited, and already rock hard with anticipation, Patrick went hunting to find a guy to ride his wife, and with her picture in his trembling his hands, it wasn’t hard to find someone willing to follow him back home.

When he led his prize into the living room of his home, his insatiable wife met them in lingerie. She quickly grabbed the stud’s hand and led him directly to the bedroom, kissing and stripping him along the way. Just before she and her stud started going at it, she let Patrick know he  would be allowed to ride her later…. after they were done, and after he’d licked her clean. In the meantime, he had to watch, and stroke, and if he came even once before she was through, the deal was off.

Patrick swallowed nervously and nodded, putting hands obediently around his aching shaft, and settled in for a long night of stroking while his wife laughed and led her lover to the bed.

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