Ms CallieIt’s me, your girlfriend Callie, and I know I’ve been looking extra cute lately.  I wear those tiny little track shorts that show off my tight, round ass and little belly shirts that make my big breasts look incredible, and display my tight body so well.  I bounce around your place in my little outfits and it always makes your dick hard, but I know it makes you a little jealous, too.  You’ve seen the way your roommate looks at me, and the way he sometimes squeezes and pinches my ass when I walk by during your poker games and football nights.

I Came Over While You were Gone

You’ve been taking so many business trips and family vacations lately, and a couple weeks ago while you were gone once again, I stopped by your place to pick up a bra I’d left there.  Well, when I opened the door with the key you gave me, I accidentally walked right in on your roommate, jerking off in the living room!  He was totally surprised but…. he didn’t stop stroking.  I was looking extra cute in a little miniskirt and low-cut top, and he just looked me up and down while he stroked his cock.  You’re not jealous, are you?  Good, because it didn’t exactly stop there….

Couldn’t Help but Notice how BIG He was

Your roommate did nothing to hide his big cock, and, well, I was curious what it would be like to handle a cock that big, and I mean, I have to admit I was totally turned on at the sight of it.  It made me feel a little wild, a little slutty.  Like I wanted to be HIS slut.  So I got down on my knees right between his legs and… are you getting jealous?  I know you want me to finish this story, don’t you?  Don’t be silly– jealousy is so pathetic.  I just wanted a little taste.  And I know you want to keep me as your girlfriend, don’t you?  Good, then you’ll let me do what I want.

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