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I can’t believe it has been a year already since the first time you helped me get dressed in that beautiful La Perla lingerie set and clingy little (oh, so, so little) black dress you bought me for my first date with Jonathan.

I know you were thinking about how much he was going to enjoy unwrapping your sexy hot wife like a delicious little package and devouring me.

How difficult it must have been for you to wait for me to get home.

Did you think of his hands exploring me?

You knew that a man like him would have access to everything, that I would lay down and offer myself to him. You knew I’d be powerless to deny him anything. Skin on skin, mouth on mouth, wrapped around each other, losing our humanity and going after one another like starving beasts.

When I came back home, you salvaged the torn panties, didn’t you? You slid them off me to look at the evidence of what he and I had done. Swollen. Sore.

You stared at the used pussy of your unfaithful wife and felt immeasurable arousal.

You had never wanted me more than in that moment, had you? You wanted to climb on top of me and take me over and over again, but you knew, judging by the look of things between my legs, you’d never be able to match what I was given that night. And so you took your place on your knees, gently pushing my legs apart and cleaning me with your tongue. I guess you knew that would be the only part of you I’d desire from that moment on–and only then because it was useful after a night of hard fucking.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart. We’ve moved on from that first cuckold cream pie to putting you to work for my boyfriends, haven’t we? You’ve impressed me with your ability to not only please me with your mouth, but them too.

I think you’ve learned to crave the taste of cum!

I know it would be hard to top all of the fun we’ve had this year, but I want to give you a special treat on Friday, March 8. It’s my featured mistress day, and I want to treat you to a free 10 minute call*.

Make sure you look for me Friday, March 8, from midnight to 6 am, and then again from 6 pm until 11:59 pm. All times are eastern.

*You must be a current customer of LDW, meaning you have enjoyed a paid call with us in the past. If you’re not a customer now, why don’t you become one? Don’t miss the party!

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