Lots of women have wedding fantasies. They dream about who will be in attendance on the big day, what they will wear, the food, the flowers, and all the smiling faces. The key thing to keep in mind, however, is that every woman is different, and in my case things are very different. “Why are things different?” you ask. Because, my darling, not only are you going to become my blissfully wedded husband. You’re also going to become my lawfully bound cuckold slave for life!

My idea of a perfect honeymoon includes a well-hung bullstud…

Why else did you think I booked that honeymoon package to the Caribbean? It’s so I can have my choice of all the sexy, virile men walking along the beach. I’ll have my pick as I saunter around in that impossibly tiny bikini that hugs every inch of my hips and curves. Your lip will twitch as they follow me about, each one dying to have their fill of me. Your mind is already racing with thoughts of them having their way with me in that little string bikini that was just made for easy access.

A man’s wife should have as many lovers as she wants…

I am entitled to sex, good sex, mind-blowing sex that you just can’t give me. As a new member of the hotwife club, my ring still has all of its polish and shine. I just love the way it glints in the moonlight of our hotel suite, especially in the moment when he’s preparing to mount me and claim his prize. Do you enjoy sitting off in the corner, Dear? How does it feel to don the horns of a cuckold? Is it everything you expected it to be?

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