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Oh, my little cucky boy with the sweet puppy face, bring me my dress. Yes, the dress you bought me last month with the slit up the side, all the way to my hip, that plunges so low in the back.

I know you thought I’d wear that dress for you, but in your heart of hearts, you knew I’d really be wearing it for him, didn’t you? That he’d be sliding that dress off my shoulders, exposing my pretty little perky nipples, the lacy garter belt and stockings….

Oh, of course I’m not going to wear panties!

How can my hottie play with me under the table at dinner if I’m wearing panties? You know I never wear panties when I go out with him. I only slide a pair on before I leave to come home to you so I can save all of that….well, you know, the hot cream pie…..for you to feast upon after I walk through the door.

Bring my shoes to me, the ones with the impossibly high heels.

Put them on my feet, over these silky stockings that get you so excited when you slide your hands up my calves and thighs. Oh, he loves them too! He makes me wear my stockings and heels while he’s pounding me with his huge bull cock. He says I look so sexy when I’m on my hands and knees, ass up in the air, begging him to give me what I desperately need:

Those shattering orgasms you could never give me.

It’s okay, though, sweet one. You bring me plenty of cock to keep me satisfied. You have an eager little tongue that laps up all that salty goodness I bring home to you. You even submit to my whims, when a just a good licking from you won’t do.

I don’t want to keep all the cock for myself; I like to share it with you.

And you’re learning to enjoy it, aren’t you? You’re learning to more than just tolerate the flavor, the smell, the humiliation of submitting to my lover’s big dick. You don’t mind getting down on your knees and obeying the orders I whisper in your ear. And you’re getting really good at it too! I’m so proud of my little fluffer sucky boy!

Now you sit and wait for me to get home, and no naughty stroking!

I like to watch you play with yourself while I’m sitting on your face and telling you all about my hot date. Be a good boy and save all of your energies for me….or for my lover if he’s feeling like he has an itch you can scratch for him. Oh, wouldn’t it be even more fun if you didn’t just have to hear about my hot date, but you can watch it unfold!

Because I love you, here’s a little something I can whisper in your ear to tide you over:

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