Cuckold journey for Ms Olivia

Your cuckold journey started with this text from your sexy wife:  “Honey we have to talk when I get home.”  Eventually, she did get home and when she started to talk you realized that your cuckold journey began a long time before that text.  It started even before your hot wife decided you were cut off from pussy.  Your cuckold journey began when you realized you were a bit different from other men.

How are you different from other men? 

Granted you have a beautiful, sexy wife just like a man who is an Alpha male but it wasn’t always like that was it?  When you realized you were different from other men one of the things you realized is that THEY got the sexy girls and you got…well, you got your hand!  ~laughs~

Did you try to figure out why some men get the hot babes and you ended up masturbating?  You probably noticed that they have MORE than you do.  More of what?  ~laughs~  WELL!  That’s exactly what your lovely wife wants to talk with you about when she sent the text, “Honey we have to talk.”

I know you’ve noticed some changes in her routine.  She cut you off from her pussy.  You buy her lingerie but she doesn’t wear it for you.  She’s out late.  When she comes home, you smell a new scent….musk and sex and something …. Else.

She smiles in her sleep and says …. What does she say in her sleep?  You’ll need to click the audio to find out.

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