What Really Happens on ‘Girls’ Night Out’

Listen up, because your Cuckoldress informant is here, and I’m going to give you all the wet, juicy details of what happens when your wife or girlfriend says she’s ‘going out with the girls.’  You did know better than to believe that, didn’t you?  You really thought that all those nights she took her sweet, sweet time getting ready, going all out– and I mean tiny, tight little minidress that hugged her ass and stopped right below it, spike stiletto heels, sexy black lace lingerie adoring her toned body, her full breasts, hair and makeup done looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous, every inch of her incredible body looking better than ever and plenty of skin showing…. you thought that was all for the girls?  Well, sure, we all like to look good, but you should know that your wife has an agenda, and it has nothing to do with you, cuckie.

It’s Stud’s Night Out, Too

For all we know, your wife probably is meeting up with some girls, but they’re not alone.  Before long, they’ll be joined by some well built, good-looking men a thousand times more virile than you are, men that will make your wife’s panties damp immediately.  Yes, those little black lace panties she slipped into before she left the house– they’re soaked through just at the sight of this man– that confidence, that charm, that incredible body.  Face it, that’s what wifey wants and what she needs.  Not you, waiting up for her at home, totally pathetic.

Ever Wonder Why Your Hot Wife is Out So Late?

Here’s where the Cuckold Confidential gets good: when you’re wife decides to give herself over to the satisfaction she so desires, and that incredible cock she so craves.  It’ll start with some dancing; close, sensual dancing as he runs his hands all over her body, pushing her dress up her thighs as he does so.  And that’s when she slides her hand down and feels that bulge in his pants…. it’s all over at that point, cuckie.  Just a matter of time before she’s taking the elevator up to his hotel suite above the club– and you don’t even want to know what they did in the elevator…. Oh, you do?  Of course you do, cuck.  That’s why when wifey comes home, you’re going to ask her why her panties are so damp, why she smells like someone else, why she looks so spent, so flushed, so exhilarated.  Listen in to find out what she says….

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