Dear husband,

After work today I have some errands for you to run quickly. I know you get off work at 5:30 so I’m giving you an entire hour to complete the list; having yourself home by 6:30.

First, you’re to stop at the dry cleaner’s and pick up my cleaning. I have three of my favorite dresses waiting there. I’m sure you remember when you took me shopping at the mall and I tried on all of them; coming out of the dressing room to twirl as you admired them. Of course, you’ve only seen me wear them when out on dates with my lovers but tonight I’m going to let you see one all night long! I’m going to wear the sexiest one for my lover this evening! After you pick up my cleaning; you will go to the liquor store. My lover prefers Jack Daniels and Coke so you are to purchase both of these items. I also want a bottle of my favorite wine; I’m sure you remember what it is.

Next, you will go directly to the farmer’s market. I want you to buy some goodies to make a delicious tapas tray. Pepperoni, cheeses, peppers, etc. Also a fresh loaf of crusty French bread. After these errands are done; I want you to hurry home to chill my wine and prepare the tapas. Once done; you are going to help me get ready for my lover. I’m going to have you help shave my legs and maybe even trim my pretty red landing strip. My lover enjoys it very trimmed and it’s your job as a cuckold to keep it that way. My lover will be ringing our doorbell at 7:00; you’d better hurry.

Your Horny Wife, Scarlet

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