Your assignment today is just to delight me. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Read my little scene and then call me to share your thoughts.


GIVING GIFTS  Р A Cuckolding scene with Miss Iris


I am not a woman to be held tightly and smothered.  I am a wild and spirited Goddess.  I dance and play and I savor all that life has to offer.  You know this and you appreciate my beauty inside and out.  You enjoy basking in my glow and you are devoted to stoking the fire of your hot delicious Queen.  You want only to provide for my happiness.  You are my sweet beloved pet.  And you understand that a woman like me needs variety and you accept that I have very refined tastes.

You honor me with thoughtful gifts like exquisite lingerie and fine jewelry, but your generosity extends beyond baubles and bling. ¬†You find me more memorable gifts, too, don’t you, sweetie? ¬†At the gym. ¬†On the basketball court. ¬†Maybe even in the boardroom. ¬†You are always on the lookout for men you know will delight me. ¬†Big handsome well hung men. ¬†As treats for your Goddess. ¬†Such a good devoted cuckold you are.

And then on those nights when I am preparing to ride my hot young playthings, you are again giving gifts.  This time you are giving me to them.  Undressing me for them.  Removing that gorgeous lingerie you gave me.  Perhaps you are undressing them for me as well.  Presenting your gifts to me.  A sweet selfless offering.  And you know just what I like, baby.

Look at the cock you brought me tonight!  He is gorgeous, pet.  I am so happy.  I want you to watch now and see the pleasure he brings me with that huge cock.

I will reward you with a little treat later, sweetie. ¬†ūüôā
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