The text from your wife, reads “Sweetheart, we’ve got to talk.”  Then you get the next text, “Plan on our conversation when I get home.”  A little later, this text, “I’ll be home later than usual.  I have plans but I’ll talk with you when I get home.”  Finally, several hours later, “I’m on my way home, we need to talk.”

“We need to talk” is the dreaded phrase from your female partner, isn’t it?  WHAT does she want to talk about?  What’s wrong and why is she displeased?  You begin to run through possibilities in your mind but you can’t think of a thing you’ve done ‘wrong.’

Eventually you realize that things are going quite well between you in all areas except one.   Your wife started avoiding your sexual advances months ago.  Then she even laughed at your clumsy attempt at seduction just last week.

Remember last night when you were so hard and desperate to touch her beautiful body?  You went to spoon into her back, whispering, “I am so hard for you” and she just chuckled softly saying something like, “awwwww.”

You never did get sex did you?  Now, it begins to dawn on you that you’ve been cut off.  You haven’t had sex with your wife for a while but that’s really strange.  You know your beautiful wife has a high sex drive.  Hmmmmmm.  You begin to worry.

What is going on?  What is she doing while you sit an wait for her to come home to have the “talk” with you?  Click to hear the beginning of the conversation with the Experienced Mistress.


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