Mistress Sloane

What would you do if…

What would you do if your Mistress brought home two Bulls at the same time?  Or…what if your Mistress brought home one of her girlfriends, with studs for both of us?  However would you make sure both of those big, hard cocks – so much bigger than that small penis you have – got all the attention they desired and deserved.  You could get one of them ready, and while he’s pounding away at your Mistress, keep the other one “cocked and locked” for his turn.  What if your Mistress is looking for some DP action, and needs both ready at the same time?

Serving Two Cocks

Well, the old ball coach used to say “practice like you play and play like you practice.” (he also use to say “Fuck my ass harder!”, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…).  So, you should get yourself two realistic dildo’s with suction cup bases.  Kneel in a corner of the room, and put one on either wall, right at mouth height, just like my two Bulls are standing on either side of you.  Now, you’ve got two big hard cocks staring you in the face.  Whatever will you do with them?

Tug and Suck, Suck and Tug

Multi task! That should be what’s going through your head.  Grab both cocks.  Start stroking one, and sucking on the other.  That one being stroked, well, it’s gonna’ get awful jealous of the oral attentions you’re giving his friend, so switch.  Start sucking the one you were stroking, and stroking the one you were sucking…and then switch again.  Multi-tasking is the key. You will probably be so lost in the cock you’re sucking – you are a cock hungry whore after all – that you may forget about the one your stroking.  You need to remember both.  Make one of my lovers feel neglected, and your ass will be on fire from the spanking you’ll get from all three of us!

How would you manage 2 cocks at the same time?

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