As torturous as it is for you, you are a willing cuckold, because you know your wife is completely dissatisfied with your cock.  You want to see her pleased, aroused, TRULY satisfied, even if it means shame and envy for you.   That is why you’re here, and fortunately I have two assignments to push you further along the path to 100% cuckold bitch.

Getting Your Hot Wife Ready

You know that your sexy wife needs to look excellent for her stud, and that rather than watch jealously from the bed as she gets ready, you need to help her look and feel her absolute hottest, so that the moment that young, virile stud lays eyes on her, he’s practically ripping that lacy body-stocking right off her.

Your First Assignment

Pick 5 of the sexiest, jaw-dropping-est items of lingerie from any of your favorite online stores, and email your choices to me (or the Cuckoldress of your choice).  From the 5 you pick, I will choose 3– and of those 3, you must pick the item you will send your wife into the bedroom wearing.  Together we can hypothesize just how many seconds its going to take the Other (i.e. Real) Man to tug those g-string panties straight to the floor and have a taste of your wife’s incredible pussy.

Showing the Stud that You Know Your Cuckold Place

There’s almost zero chance that your wife’s new stud will be remotely threatened by you.  When she invited him over, your wife probably described you in certain terms– “Pathetic,” “barely a man,” “harmless,” “less than endowed,” “sissified.”  The bull knows you’re a cuckieboy, and that you only want your wife to receive the pleasure she deserves.  However, you’re going to go the extra step to prove to him that you know your place– undoubtedly a humiliating process for you, but very necessary.

Take a listen to the audio for assignment 2!

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