We’ve all heard the stories of Cuckoldry and some of us even know a Cuckoldress. A few of us have even experienced the lifestyle ourselves. But what about the Lady who truly can’t get enough? How does she resolve her need?

The Typical Life of a Cuckold

So, as a man who’s currently being cuckolded by his wife, what would you do if your wife’s need to cuckold surpassed you? Would you give up? Nonsense, don’t give up. It is after all, your place to please your Goddess of a Hot Wife.

Her Options

As a Cuckoldress, I’m sure she currently has a boyfriend, someone she’s having sex with and has you servicing as well. But have you noticed that she’s getting a little bored with him? That happens a lot, a Wife gets bored and needs a new lover, after all, that’s part of the reason you are the cuckold you are, right? But, what about the current boyfriend, where does that leave him?

Out With the Old, Or…..

I have a suggestion for the boyfriend, who is quickly on his way out. Perhaps it’s time for him to join you, as a fellow Cuckold of your Wife. The two of you could work together in pleasing her. Working together to clean the house while she’s out with her latest Man, or having fun, calling Me for Phone Sex together. And the two of you could also take turns servicing that new Man and cleaning up her cream pie. This could be the answer that is best for you all. Oh… and, the two of you can play with each other, sucking and boning, perhaps while she watches, for her entertainment, lol.

And when she gets tired of the new guy, he can join the two of you. Soon there will be a whole stable of you. And all of you will be there just to meet the needs of your Wife, well the needs that she allows you to deal with that is 😉

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