I can see the excitement in your eyes when I tell you I have a surprise for you. You would like nothing more than my love and attention, but you know you won’t ever be the source of my desire. Husband or no husband, you simply can’t live up to my expectations. Your penis is, well, ok! But nothing that really can please me or do anything for me~ and I insist and deserve to receive sexual pleasure, even if it is NOT from you. You know that I do love you, I just don’t enjoy sex with you.

We have had to develop our relationship differently, with you as my cuckold.

I know you would never leave me so we stay together. And you have become used to taking the back seat or the corner chair and now, our new two way mirror room as the stream of real men, strangers to our lives, come in and pleasure me and I give myself to them fully. I’ve learned all the tricks that turn you on and I watch you as I take another man’s cock into me. Giggling on the inside, you stroke your tiny penis while I ride a much more handsome and well endowed man before you. I see you get more excited and aroused as I moan with pleasure and he brings me to orgasm after orgasm.

And I have come to love the part at the end, where you clean my pussy of his warm jiz while he continues to kiss me and fondle me above your head.

There is something amazing about the feeling of you buried between my legs and the humiliation you must feel as you suck another man’s cum from my pussy, while I give myself to him again and again.

But my dear, I have promised you a surprise tonight. So I put up curtains on the two way mirror which I have a remote control to open them. The speakers are on and you listen as he begins to make love to me. Those soft moans at his first touch and you become hard and are stroking as he penetrates me.

I finally hit the switch and you look out to see your boss fucking me, or rather me fucking him, riding him as he lays beneath me. We have been friends for years now. His wife and I are best friends and now you have to deal with this betrayal. I told you it would be a surprise!

Happy birthday hubby! And no cake only cream pies for you.

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