During a long holiday weekend, it can be quite fun to enjoy a party with my divine cuckoldress friends and our respective husbands or boyfriends.   These men are so happy to appease us in any way imaginable.  They know that they could never  please us in the way that we so truly deserve. This is quite possibly why we love to throw themed parties. All during the night we mingle with our lovers and are lovingly served by our cucks.

I love a night of dark decadence and alluring sexual desires, the perfect setting for a masquerade!

The night before a party my friends and I have our cucks help us with the preparations.  They will of course help us dress in a sensual and sexy ensemble so that we  only attract the most divine specimens. These divine specimens are the bulls and they are there to please the perfectly manicured and astute cuckoldresses. 

Once the perfect bulls have been selected, they are invited to a suit and tie masquerade the following night.  Throughout the evening they will be wined, dined and wooed.  The entire night will of course, be catered by the cuck husbands and boyfriends. They are present to assure that we have anything we need, and they will be at our beck and call.

There is no task that the cuck would not be willing to do for both the bull studs and the cuckoldress that he serves. This can be anything from serving wine, sensual foot massage, cocksucking, fluffing or even the delicious, decadent creampie clean up!  The cuck husband’s pleasure comes from seeing sheer joy on the face of his loving and deviant cuckoldress.

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