I had told you earlier that I wanted some cock, I wanted to get fucked by a real man. Of course you knew I wasn’t referring to you. I giggled at your sullen look as I walked out the front door. Later that night you heard me come back and go upstairs. You heard him laughing and followed us.

You entered the room as I was stripping and undressing a large black man.

You quietly went to the corner and sat in your chair. The man looked at you, then at me and I just said, “Don’t mind him, he’s just my husband” as I sank to my knees and took his large thick cock in my mouth.

I sucked him until his big cock was thrusting out from him and I moved him over to the bed, squeezing him by your chair and almost slapping you in the face with his cock. I giggled to myself at this and pushed him down on the bed. I caressed his cock and balls and he held my head as I sucked his full length. Then I moved forward and mounted him. I put his cock against me and you could see it reached up to my belly button, at least 8 inches maybe more and I lifted up and lowered myself on him. I moaned loudly in pleasure as he filled me and I looked at you and smiled.

I continued looking into your eyes as I rode his cock-

so you could see the full pleasure I was receiving and get a glimpse of how a real man fucks a woman. As I rode his cock and it filled me, I saw you pull your own pants down and begin stroking yourself. I giggled at how pathetic you are, being aroused by your wife fucking another man, but then, it works for me. You continued to pump your sad little dicklett as I fucked this man, even timing your orgasm to coincide with his, your cum spurting onto your stomach as he filled my pussy.

Yes, I enjoy being watched, and I love my cuckolds. Give me a call and lets live out your fantasy.

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