After years of humiliation you have finally given in

You know you will never satisfy me with you pathetic little penis. I put up with it at first, but after a few years I couldn’t fake it anymore. I let you do it, but couldn’t pretend it was good anymore. You tried orally and it helped but it just wasn’t what I wanted, which was a nice big cock. I know you love me and want me to be satisfied, so we talked about it one night and I told you “If you want me to be satisfied, you will have to find me a man with a nice big cock and then you can watch what a real man can do”.

You told me you started looking at the guys from work in a different light, wondering if they would do. Then one day you told me you went to a bar after work, too depressed to go home and met the perfect man. He was very dark skinned, but that wasn’t the important thing. You explained it was when he pulled it out in the stall next to you and it hung down at least six or seven inches limp that you knew. You bought him a drink and told him what I wanted and he agreed at least to meet me.

You Make the Date for Me and The Bull

I made you make reservations at a fine restaurant downtown with a bar for you to sit and observe. You sat there and ordered a lemon water, as I instructed, after all we need a safe driver, and you watched as the waiter seated me and this man. He was perfect,courteous, funny, and gorgeous. I think I looked amazing in a silk dress over nothing but a lace thong. We drank and talked and after a few drinks I slipped my foot between his legs and over his cock. It was huge and I felt the dampness grow between my own thighs as I thought about him in me. I looked over at you, my pathetic husband and smiled as I massaged his cock, a real cock under the table. We had one last drink and then I gave you the signal to leave.

You got the car from the valet and we got in the back. It was if you weren’t there as we giggled and fondled each other but I saw you peeking in the rear view mirror and you watched helplessly as his hand slipped inside my gown, massaging my breast as he kissed me. You dropped us off in front of the house and we went in without as much as a thank you as you parked the car. We climbed the stairs quickly and went to the bedroom, both of us feeling the lust. I undressed him as he slipped off my gown.

His Cock was JUST what I wanted!

I saw you come to the door and peek in as I lay in bed in black lace panties. The man was naked and hard, kneeling between my legs. His enormous cock stuck out over my stomach and you could see I loved the feel as I stroked it. I looked over at you, my pathetic hubby as you watched and giggled at your humiliation. He ripped off my panties and thrust inside me and I again looked you in the eye as his cock filled me. I smiled at you as he fucked me and you could see the pleasure, hear the pleasure as I moaned and squealed at being fucked by a real man.

You told me later it was the smile you always wanted to see when you were with me, but never would. You knew your life had changed forever that night and sex was to be a different experience from now on.

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