You knew I wasn’t satisfied, didn’t you?  Your cock, whether you consider it average or below (or significantly below) just wasn’t enough for me, your hot wife, and could never give me the mind-blowing orgasms I deserve– or any orgasms for that matter.  I’d become friendly with not only my vibrator, but with just about every man I came into contact with who looked like a real man.  Muscular, assertive men who could take charge in the bedroom.  You?  You are not that man.  You never have been, but you’ve only just started coming to terms with it, realizing that things can’t go on this way.  And if you’re being honest with your cuckold self, you can already visualize the cock that so deserves to be inside my perfect, tight pussy.

Cuckold’s New Role

You can visualize it because, well, you’ve seen it.  That incredible cock, not even hard and still so big, hanging between the legs of the guy you always managed to stand next to in the gym showers.  It was impossible not to see it!  You could only imagine what that cock would look like fully erect, pounding your hot, young slut wife.  And day after day, staring at that giant dick in the showers, you started to realize your place in our marriage, too, didn’t you?  You realized that you could never please me the way this man surely could, and that from now on, it would be your duty to bring me men, in compensation for that pathetic prick between your legs.

Now Bring That Bull to Your Hot Wife

What are you waiting for?  Invite your new gym buddy over to dinner.  The moment he sees me in a jaw-droppingly sexy minidress, playfully touching his chest with every remark, he’ll know what he was brought there to do.  He will take me right in front of you, and he will teach you to be the sissified, subservient husband you really are, just with the power of his cock alone.  Your new cuckie position in this marriage begins today, creampie-licker!

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