This is Mistress Ashley your “Cuckold Commandress.” You will stand at attention at the first site of my written word and hang on every one of them. I know what I’m talking about for I have living experience. Frankly, I bore easily with the same cock day after day much as your woman does and it’s time for a lifestyle change of epic proportions! Have you been noticing the tell tale signs that she is fucking other men? Have you snuck into the hamper and swiped her cum soaked panties? Have you breathed them in deeply and found the scent totally intoxicating? Have you sucked those dirty panties while beating that cock at a fevered pace straight into submission? You are now about to feel the humiliation when you come to the realization that you (and most likely) that cock just don’t measure up anymore to her high standards! In other words if she is on the prowl there is a damn good reason for it.

Just how often do you stroke your cock?

Are you a chronic masturbation loser? Are you titillated at being humiliated? If you have answered yes to even one of these last two questions you are the perfect cuckold candidate. Man, how your life is going to change. Instead of being so self absorbed, everything is going to be about her. In other words you don’t make a move without her knowing about it. Female domination is about to rescue you from your pathetic self, thank goodness for that!

Are you contemplating her sexy screams of exhileration once she slides down a “real man’s” dick and rides it to multiple orgasmic heaven? If you are lucky you will get to watch at some point, most likely she will keep those cocks to herself until she is ready to share. If and when she does, consider yourself honored to even be a part of this wonderfully wicked world of cuckoldry. You may now click below to hear my message to you.

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