So many of you are mad about milfs, and when the MILF in question looks like me, is there any wonder why? I work very hard to keep my body in excellent shape, and men love it when I flaunt the benefits of all that hard work.

A chosen few men get to do more than just admire the view. Some get to feel my tongue against the head of their shaft. They get to wrap their hands around my waist, and lift me up and down, assailing me with their cock. They get to know the pleasure of every inch of me.

But you aren’t one of those chosen few, are you? When you first came to me, telling me of your cuckold fantasies, I had to laugh. Little did you know at the time, but I’d had stud lovers on the side for a long time. You didn’t think that I was going to go without sex just because I had you locked in male chastity, did you?

Though normally I like to leave you at home waiting while I’m out getting deliciously laid, this time I’m going to let you participate. But just a little. If you do well with this assignment, you might earn more up close and personal time with my bull and me. So pay attention, class, and just think how much you would enjoy seeing a big, thick cock slide in and out of me.

The assignment is as follows:

1. Find a picture of some lingerie that you think would be particularly appealing to my stud. Write an explanation of why you chose it.

2. A hot wife like me should not be delegated to a boring setting. Either find a picture or write a description of the ideal hotel room, beachfront, pool table…wherever it makes you hottest to imagine him fucking me.

3. Select a stud for me. Send me a picture of the man that you think is best suited to give me what you can’t. Hint: In this instance, less it *not* more. Again, I want a detail of why this is the lover you think that can truly satisfy me.

4. Email it all to

Chop chop! Get to work. Don’t sit here gazing at the screen. Give me what I need and deserve, my poor little…and I do mean little…cuckold.

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