Are you man enough to be a cuckhold?

Did you know that there’s a difference between having a cuckold fantasy and having it played out in reality?

My question to you is: Are you man enough to be cuckolded in real life? I cuckold my man all the time and I have to say with every experience it grows more intensely erotic. There’s an interesting dynamic when it comes to ‘monogamist cuckolding’.

That’s what I like to call cuckold experiences with a repeated partner. Every cuckold experience is unique and yet there is a familiarity that drives it. There’s nothing more satisfying than having an intensely passionate make out session only to inform him that he won’t be able to go much further.

Of course, I do like to rotate my lovers to keep it interesting. My favorite is when I surprise him by cuckolding him with someone he knows.

Your friend is having sex with your wife

Have you ever had that happen to you?

What an embarrassment that must be. Knowing that your friend is having sex with me instead of you. When it’s a friend, I don’t let you watch. Instead I make you wait at the nearby coffee house, while your imagination goes into overdrive. By the time you get home, you are panting and begging  me to have sex with you.

Poor baby.

You just aren’t good enough to have sex with on a regular basis  You see, some men cheat on their wives but you don’t have that option because you know in your heart that no woman will want to have sex with you.  You definitely have the size component, big and thick,but you are too vanilla in bed, and that gets boring and  mundane very quickly.

Benefits of Monogamist Cuckholding

What I also like about monogamist cuckolding is that the experience lasts much longer than one single night. If your wife is cuckolding you, then that moment is present throughout your life. Something as simple as eating dinner together can remind you of how her lover pushed her against the kitchen counter and made out right in front of you. 

And I personally love to give little digs here and there about how he just isn’t good enough for me. So by the time it’s the night of actual cuckolding, he’s already feeling embarrassed and humiliated.

Have you had actual, real life cuckhold experiences, or is it all just a fantasy for you? 

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