You are the one who kept bringing it up. “If you want to sleep with another woman, that’s fine with me.” Gee…very generous of you. Seeing how I am not really into women. But you are the one who opened the door for all of this by pressing your point. Eventually it was “If you wanted to be with another guy…a guy with a real cock…I wouldn’t blame you.” Really? you’re talking!

Sure…you are a great guy. But that only goes so far when your cock is so small. So yeah, I had been thinking about hooking up with one of my guy friends. One with a large bulge in his pants. When you brought up that last offer…I waited about 30 minutes and called him up. It’s been six months of fabulous sex now. Everyone in our circle of friends knows about it. The women are jealous and the men want to be next!

Oh…you’re embarrassed about being publicly cucked? *laugh* A little late to be worrying about that now, isn’t it? Remember honey…you are the one who put this idea in my head in the first place. I’m just doing what you suggested. And who do you really think you are kidding anyway? I’ve seen that expression on your face when you ask me “Did you have a good time tonight darling?” It’s like an anxious puppy waiting to be petted. Only in your case…it’s a cucked husband waiting to hear exactly what I did with my  well hung Bull.

*If you really want to know, listen to my audio below.*


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