Yes, I know, my poor husband. I’ve been cock teasing you to eternity and back, haven’t I? You haven’t gotten to get anywhere near my sweet pussy, have you? I know, it’s been so hard on you, hasn’t it?

But I have good news for you! Though you aren’t actually going to get to fuck my pussy, I am going to let you lick it! Doesn’t that sound like fun? You know you love the taste of me, don’t you? However, I may taste just a little different this time. That’s because when you part my engorged lips and dip your tongue inside me, you are going to be on clean up detail, and you are going to be getting your very first taste of cuckold cream pie.

What’s that, sugar? You don’t want to taste another man’s cum? That’s fine, I can get someone else to do it for me, if you want. ~soft laugh~ No? I rather thought not. Now it’s time that you accepted your role, like all cuckold husbands must do for their dominant women. You must keep in mind that this is all about my pleasure, and if I allow you to have some, then that is just an extra goodie for you.

That’s right, I said extra. We both know that your cock is going to be throbbing as you watch my stud fuck me. Because you *are* going to watch. And we both know that the erotic humiliation of turning into the true beta male that you are will be enough to make you blow your load right in your panties.

Yes, I said panties. You are going to be my little sissy husband, bitch, and you will wear panties whenever I say so. And I say so now. So hustle out to the store, buy the pinkest pair you can find, preferably with flowers on them, and report back to me when you have done so. Then, and only then, will you get to see what we both know you really want to see, and that is me with my legs in the air, getting slam fucked by a cock that isn’t attached to you.

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