This post is a continuation of The Cuckold Wife: How it All Starts – Part 1 posted 7/14/11

As I was saying in Part 1, your beautiful wife slowly changes from a supportive vanilla lover to an aggressive woman who enjoys partying all night long and has recently made friends with quite a few sexy, masculine men whom she initially seemed reluctant to introduce you to. At least until now.

But now that you are pretty sure she is having sex with other men, the changes are becoming far more obvious and are coming much faster. In addition to her coming home exhausted and smelling of sex, not to mention the unmistakable taste of cum inside her; she seems to be preparing you for something. Lately, those toys you’ve always used on her, to fill her pussy while licking her to multiple, overwhelming orgasm after orgasm, are now being used on you?!?!

Yes, you can admit it, just say it. She brought home a leather harness with a set of attaching dildos. And after showing all her new purchases to you, she introduced you to strap-on play. Every night for the past two weeks, she has either encouraged you to suck her attached cock or she has bent you over and pushed it inside you.

And tonight she sprung her latest interests on you. She expects you to wait for her to return home late with one of her lovers at which time you will be coerced to suck cock. Of course your first question was, “will that include cum eating?” She replied with a wicked laugh and a simple “of course!” lol

Are you excited about your new life? Good, because the possibilities are endless!

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