I suppose it starts innocently enough. Your wife tries to be supportive, she gives you sex and may even pretend to enjoy it. Then she starts suggesting you spend a little more time tending to her needs orally. She assures you that her orgasms are so much more intense when you work your pussy worship magic. And you do enjoy eating her, so how could you say no, right?

Then she gets even bolder as she starts becoming a Femdom, suggesting you use a dildo on her while you pleasure her orally. And I know that you noticed the dildo that she brought home, or perhaps sent you to buy for her is much bigger than your own penis. But again, you love her so much and you want to make her happy, so there you are, pumping a large fake cock deep in your wife while she squeals and squirms beneath your tongue.

Then you really see a change in your hot wife, she now stays out late with her “girlfriends” and sometimes she doesn’t come home all night. And when she finally does show up, she always seems exhausted and not in the mood for sex at all with you. So you do what you know she likes best, you get down between her legs and start to lick and probe with your tongue. And that is when you first start to realize she tastes so different and that taste can only mean one thing: your wife is fucking other men! lol…

Stay tuned for what comes next…

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