Perhaps you’re a newbie to the cuckie game– you know that you fantasize daily about your wife getting plowed by that sexy, muscular man lifting (much heavier) weights next to you at the gym, but you’re only just now beginning to doubt your own sexual prowess in connection with the desire to see her fully satisfied.  You’ve recently begun looking down at your own package and feeling only disappointment; the same disappointment she must feel every night, no?  The more you think about your inability to please her with your wimpy cock, and the more you want to see another man fuck her in your very own marital bed, right in front of you, the more you recognize that simply being a cuckold is hardly punishment enough for your sorry state of affairs.

Welcome to Chastity Hell.
It’s time to introduce a new element to the fantasy of ultimate cuckoldhood: chastity.  Chastity can take a variety of forms, and the controller can be either your slut wife, the cuckold bull fucking her, or both! While many opt for their hot, horny wife to control their cock as vengeance for never being fully satisfied, another punishingly fun option is to have the man brought home to please her dominating your desires as well.  If you would like to watch them have sex, then perhaps he will make your only role be “fluffing” his giant cock beforehand, turning you into a true cocksucker!  (Admit it, when you watch that cock pumping in and out of your wife, you get a little hard imagining it doing the same against the back of your throat, don’t you?)  Or maybe he’ll make you the cuckie custodian of the afternoon, and get you licking that creampie until wifey’s all cleaned up.  Of course, neither would allow you to masturbate during your cuckold encounter, as it’s all about their pleasure, not yours.


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