Would you like a taste?

You all know how much I love to cuckold men, Mr. A included!  Often times when cuckold fantasies are brought up, it’s all about the man watching as the woman gets fucked by another man. Maybe it goes so far as to have the guy taste some cuckold cream pie.  I don’t do that with cucky hubby, but I would do it with YOU!

But what about kissing?

Kissing is such an intimate, erotic act that I like to include it in all of my cuckold fun. A kiss is just so much more powerful, don’t you think?
Imagine I am cuckolding you. No doubt you will get aroused as you watch me get penetrated by my lover.  But look at the way he kisses me, caresses my breasts, tenderly sucks and licks my pussy before he even penetrates me. Those feelings of humiliation will surge within you at every step.

But what if I leaned forward and gave my lover a kiss?

Would you feel jealous? Angry?

Or would that turn you on even more?

I mean a kiss between two people is so sensual and passionate and personal. My lover is no longer just some random person I brought home with me, but someone who I now share an intimate connection with. And he adores your MILF wife.

As we kiss and press our bodies against one another and make love, your sense of inadequacy must be at an all time high. There I am, kissing and having sex, and you are lying next to me, not even able to jack yourself off.

And when we are done and my pussy is filled with cum, you will have to get between my legs and clean me off of course. As I said, I love a good cuckold creampie. But just imagine you are licking my lover’s cum out of my satiated pussy, and we are kissing and making out right in front of you.
That’s a bit humiliating isn’t it?

Can You measure up to my lover?

I mean, I will let you kiss me, but you will always be wondering if he is better.
And you know what? Maybe he is.

So tell me, would you let your hot MILF wife kiss someone else?  Remember, it’s more than just a kiss!

Sweet Kisses,
Mistress Alexandria

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