Once a couple starts to feel a little secure and established in their relationship, the subject of what sex was like with previous sex partners is guaranteed to come up. A straightforward comparison is a no-no, but reminiscing in a sexy-analytical way about how previous lovers pleasured us sexually is certainly fair play.

So take a moment to remember how that went the last time you had this kind of spicy conversation with your girlfriend or wife. Were you in bed when it came up? What details stand out in your memory? The answers to those questions are so telling…

If hearing about her earlier conquests repulses you – you’re not a good candidate for cuckolding.

If you get turned on by *all* the details – his special sucking technique while devouring her pussy, his constant attempts to thumb her asshole, the way he held her breasts when she fucked him on top – there’s a small chance you’re a cuckold. Who doesn’t get turned on when a beautiful woman speaks graphically about sex? As a phone mistress, I can definitely attest to the power of a sexy voice and erotic conversation!

If you get turned on by details of his cock or her orgasms – the head was so bulbous she couldn’t even fit it in her mouth, how no one has ever made her cum ten times in an hour of vigorous sex before or since, his cock swooped out from his body and hung even when hard because it was too heavy to overcome gravity like most guys – your cuckold potential is excellent!

That’s right…when your memory focuses on his penile superiority and her explicit description of her body’s response to it, it’s time for a little fantasy phone sex to explore the mindfuck inherent in cuckolding. You may try to dismiss it as voyeurism, but an intelligent mistress like me can tell when you’re trying to fool yourself. And we won’t let that continue…

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