There are many types of cuckold men in the world, some more extreme than others, but all with one common theme among them………they all want to see their woman get fucked by another man! For me this is the perfect having my cake and eating it too type of situation that I love. So just what type of cuckold do you identify with?

There is the cuckold who gets off knowing their wife is out with another man, those who encourage their lady to dress sexy and pick a guy up but who never want to see it in person live. They instead love to get off reliving the story from their wife in great detail and hearing her excitement about the encounter.

We have those cuckolds who want to be there watching as their woman takes a new lover, watching either by choice or being made to watch and of course the super shy watchers who hide in a closet while their woman fucks another man. They like getting off while watching their woman being pleased by another man yet not being able to or not willing to join in on the fun but content with being on the side lines.

My favorite types of cuckolds are those that are hands on or well mouth on as some cases may be.Those are cuckolds who fluff the cocks of their lady’s lovers, sucking them, getting them hard, even helping to insert that lover’s cock into their woman’s pussy. They not only watch but they join in licking and pleasing their woman while another man takes them. And when that man has cum he’s a cuckold who is diving between those legs to taste that cream pie, licking every bit and not wasting one drop.

Some cuckolds like bits of all of this with a side of cuckold humiliation. Some cuckolds are denied even pretending to be a real man again once their woman has begun cuckolding them. There are many types and variations to a cuckold’s life and it is not a one fits all type of thing. But with that said, all cuckolds have one thing in common… their women are taking on new lovers and being pleased by other men.

So share with me. Just what type of cuckold are you? The type who likes to hear about it? The type who likes to watch or the type that likes to join in and serve both your lady and her well hung lover? I would love to discuss your cuckold needs and hear all about your kinky cuckold fantasies!

~ Ms Constance ~