Many men are true cuckolds in that they never suspect their seemingly loving wives. Women cheat just as much as men, we just tend to be uhm, sneakier in our carnal pursuits. We’re careful and discreet where men want to parade their conquests for the world to see. When our husband or boyfriend doesn’t fulfill our needs, we often seek comfort elsewhere with men who only arouse us physically. Trust me, that kind of raw, primal attraction is no substitute for a deep emotional connection. Often, a physically attractive man will be vapid, shallow or stupid… the best of them aren’t, but still… women are no different than men when it comes to our appetites.

Sometimes we need to kind of dislike or even hate the object of our desire. That’s why we don’t tell you boys. You just wouldn’t understand, but then some rare men do. Men like you. You make the transition from cuckold, which implies unwitting, to the wittol, a willing participant in their wife’s infidelity. You willingly take the mantle of cuckold and make the most of it. Men like you understand the true nature of alpha female is uninhibited desire. Men like you realize that women are often lustier in nature than men.

You know that a little strange is sometimes just what your hotwife or girlfriend needs to give them that rush, that thrill that makes life worth living. He can give her what you can’t, the hot flush of raw, unmitigated lust that leaves her drenched in sweat, pulsing, orgasmic and eager for more! It’s not that you aren’t capable, you’re just too comfortable and safe. You don’t lack in skill, but you’re a known quantity. There’s no danger and tension in your amorous attentions.

For men like you, the cuckolding lifestyle is the only way to go. Watching the woman you love in the throes of passion while you stand by watching, a spectator, a voyeur… well, it’s surreal, but oh, so enlightening. You have the luxury of examining her every action and reaction. Take advantage of the experience, learn from the way her body moves with his. Imagine your hands touching mimicking his motions while you’re talking about it later… when you, the willing cuckold, gets your creamy hot reward! Listen to the audio below for a bit of potential pillow talk.

~ Ms Lauren – Femdom Mistress ~

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