Last Friday, I had a rare opportunity.  I got to get into the mind of a self proclaimed Cuckold Maker. INSIDE THE MIND OF A BULLISH BOY He’s the man that pleases your ladies when you can’t, cuckies.

Funny.  I’ve used bulls before to humble “men” like yourself.  But I never considered their state of mind.  Only saw them as sexy, warm blooded, able bodies.  But on this night I got an earful about what makes these bullish boys tick.

He let me in on a few secrets, like how he’s now able to spot a couple that is probably open to bringing another man into the relationship,  and what his favorite parts of any encounter are.  Pleasing the wanting wife is number one on that list. “…pleasing her, watching how good I feel inside of her.”  A humiliated husband plays a close second however. 

This thirty something upscale hotel restaurant manager has become a pro at reading couples and determining who is the dominant in the relationship.  He says the wives are often the most talkative and openly flirt with him as the husband fails to stop her or even make eye contact with him. 

How does it move beyond flirting in the restaurant?  He often plays tour guide to couples residing in rooms upstairs and by the end of the night an invitation up to the suite for drinks is inevitable.  Usually coming from the wife, while the husband may try to deter one or both of them, in the end the poor guy usually doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to stop the deed.  “If he’s too much of a bitch [to stop it] I’m gonna give it to her good as hell and hard as hell right in front of him”.

Our stud’s advice to all you relunctant cuckolds, “Let it happen. It’s all for her…I won’t lie, it’s for me a little bit too though.”