A Special Kind of CuckoldingWhy is it that terms associated with cuckolding have bakery connotations? My theory: it’s what happens when we women are having our cake and eating it too *grin*. Now, while I’m quite sure that everyone reading this is familiar with a creampie, I doubt that you’ve come across the term “buttered muffin”… and yet I’ve recently spoken with a number of men who enjoy this particular twist in the tail.

Yes, this is related to the goofy euphemism “to butter your muffin”, but the buttered muffin kink actually refers to a man whose boxers ignite in the presence of a freshly fucked woman. This has nothing to do with getting on his knees and burying his face deep between her sticky thighs – no no no. He wants sloppy seconds for his throbbing dick, not his tongue.

Now wouldn’t this be a sweet little treat for a woeful cuckold husband? So often you’re relegated to the corner, maybe allowed to masturbate, maybe locked in chastity and not even permitted that kind of relief. But some of you are married to a femdom with a soft heart, who allows you to fuck her a couple of times a year.

Well for you lucky cucks, let me suggest this: you should only be allowed to penetrate your hot wife after her big-dicked boyfriend has sent her into orgasmic orbit. It might even be in your best interest to refrain from begging for this privilege until she’s in that blessed out state – it’s not like she needs or even wants further pleasure, so this is an ideal time to mount her with your inferior endowments. Don’t be surprised if she starts snoring.

So learn to love that Buttered Muffin… Let the scent of her arousal mingled with his semen intoxicate you. The sight of her messy little pussy, so pink and raw and a little bit slack from a vigorous ride, will just about blind you with need. She’s glowing, purring, slithering languidly amongst the rumpled sheets with the sweat of her lover drying on her skin. Surely that sensuous slut wearing your ring will let you have a minute or two of squelchy goodness… *laughs* … well, maybe for Christmas if you’re a very good cuckboy.