Hello Cuckolds! It’s Empress Cassidy and it’s been a while since I was here at Cuckold Boot Camp, telling you all about being the best cuckie you can be! 

 I’m going to tell you about a man who did what all good cuckolds who have wives just starting out should do and maybe you will learn something.
He was a good cuckold husband who knew that his wife deserved much better than him and took it upon himself to find her a hot black stud to fuck as a birthday present. He contacted me, a mistress, to help guide the process.   He talked to someone who knew someone and came up with this man and his eleven inch cock.  Now his hot wife was new to cuckolding but the bull stud had been part of a cuckold relationship before and was well schooled in the ways of humiliation and cross-dressing sissy outfits for the husband, as well as some chastity.

It’s a safe bet that cock locked hubby had no idea what kind of mess he was getting himself into when he first made this plan but he sure found out on his wife’s birthday when this man arrived and he was immediately put into a pair of pink silky panties and told to kneel on the bedroom floor. During the course of the evening he not only heard his wife moan and beg for more in a way he’d never heard her do while he was fucking her, but got to stand – and I’m proud to say this was my idea and I love doing it to all cuckies – next to this man with his huge cock and compare. He with the panties pulled to the side, little five incher straining to be seen, while his wife was told to come suck one and she could choose which.

Now you know which she chose without me telling you, but he hadn’t seen her sucking a cock before, as she only rarely ever sucked his to begin with and his pee pee got hard and exciting seeing the cock sucking.  But he did as he was told and sat quietly in the corner, watching until she decided it was time for him to come suck that cock as well. Having practiced with a dildo beforehand, he was ready.

Do you whiny cuckies who are unprepared see how much he did beforehand to make this night wonderful for his wife?  If not, review the story again and then let me know what you learned.


If you want to kiss the sky you’ve got to learn how to kneel….On your
knees boy!