Dear Mistress Isabel,

I haven’t really been bad (at least I don’t think I have) but I do have a secret that I can’t share with anyone else. I recently found out that my wife has been fucking another man for the past two years. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised since our sex life hasn’t been that great. I mean I don’t think I really satisfy her. The only time she orgasms with me is if I go down on her. And the last year or so that is all she has let me do with her. I haven’t had sex with my wife in a whole year! A few weeks ago she left her email account signed in and I took a peak (I know its wrong but I have been so suspicious of her behavior that I just had to look). I found several e-mail conversations between her and a young man we both know (he is our neighbor’s son and is still living at home while he attends college). I don’t know what to do. Should I confront her? What if she doesn’t want to stop seeing him? Some of those e-mails were so explicit and talk about things she has never done with me. But the biggest secret of all is that while I was reading those e-mails I got hard! I was so turned on that I had to stroke myself right there at the desk. Ever since then I can’t stop obsessing about it. I masturbate almost every day to the idea of her fucking this young man and even when she allows me to go down on her I can’t stop thinking about the fact that his cock has been inside her. I have no idea what to do, or how to control these feelings and most of all I do not want to lose my beautiful wife.

Sincerely, Cuckold Strokes-A-Lot

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