Don’t even think about it, darling. Just do as your told. My lover will be here later and I want the house spotless. That’s your assignment while I bathe and primp. You’ll clean and prepare us a light dinner while I make myself beautiful for him. Such is the life of a cuckold husband, darling. You understood that when I took your ring. Now hop to it, I need the relaxation of a hot bath to prepare me for his amorous demands.

When he arrives, I’m so proud of you. You answer the door just like I taught you, on your knees and in an obviously inferior position. You offer him a drink and don’t make eye contact. You’re the very picture of the perfect pussy whipped husband. Oh the irony… You are whipped by a woman who’s not given you pussy for a very long time. I’m very proud of my cuckie and I tell you so… then send you off on a mundane errand so I can snuggle with my suitor.

You return to see my wedding ring sliding down his thigh. I know it enchants you. You can’t stop watching as my diamonds slide against the slick fabric. I hear you gasp when I unzip him and slide my left hand down his pants to pluck his generous cock right out. I slide my fingertips against the head and smile at you. Your ring… his cock. That’s the life of a cuckold husband. I know you want to see more and touch yourself. You’re squirming there on the floor… watching, waiting.

Your fate is in my hands now, darling cuckie. Will I allow you satisfaction or keep you denied as you deserve… Click the audio to see

Mistress Lauren