You get cuckoldedYou Get Cuckolded While I Fuck Your Wife.

I thought I’d tell you all about one of my favorite new projects. Your wife and I cuckolding you together. You know all about how another man can satisfy your wife or girlfriend better than you can, but guess what losers? Another woman can too!  You are all used to having the most useless cock, but you like to tell yourself that your oral skills are above and beyond other men. That you can make up for your lack of size by licking so amazingly that it’s okay. But you might as well start honing your cock sucking skills and being a fem boy, because no one can please a woman like another woman.

Oh your wife is only into men?  She would never do that?  Well you can tell yourself that if need to, but you’ll see it’s not the case at all. After all, she has spent how many years with you? She can’t be that into cock. *giggle*
You play with your little dick and she goes out and buys herself a dildo or a vibrator or both, so that she can get some kind of relief. Well, just imagine how she would love being able to lay back and have someone else fuck her.  Personally, I am quite sure that my skills far surpass yours and I must say, no cock, especially not a tiny little penis like you have, could ever feel better than a long hard thick strap-on worn by a Mistress. Just think, my strap-on never comes too soon and always stays big and hard, never finishing before her or letting her down. It will stay hard while I fuck her, pull out and let you clean it off and then go back to fucking her while you watch and get yourself all excited. Of course we might have to lock that little cock up while you watch. You guys tend to have problems controlling yourselves when you see two women together and why should you get to come.  This is for her after all; your wife who has put up with being unsatisfied by you and orgasm denial teaches you that this is not about your needs. Plus it’s just fun to make you wait.

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