Cuckold training with DeliaWomen are sexually superior. We are capable of having more orgasms, even multiples! We also have higher sex drives for years after a man hits his peak. Many women, Mistresses and regular women alike, are becoming frustrated by their partner’s inability to keep up with their often growing sexual needs!  More women are apt to try new activities with a new sexual partner.  New men will never disappoint because they will naturally want to please, to be thought of as being good in bed! Many women that I have spoken to are going toward cuckoldry!

A Domme friend of mine has told me, “I cuckold my subby hubby! I love forcing him to watch me fucking other men, bigger cocked men. I tie him to a chair so he must watch.  I love to humiliate him and to let him know that these men are so much bigger and better than he is. I love to bring home a bull, and cuckold the “man” of the house!”

It seems like it is a growing trend that husbands and boyfriends are waking up and realizing they cannot adequately satisfy their wives or girlfriends.  Men are now beginning to encourage their wives to take on a new stud as a lover. Some men even help pick out a hot prospect at a club, bar or other function.  Some will even do this from their own group of friends!

One such man I have spoken to.  He is a very obedient bitch! He has been completely emasculated by a girlfriend, and completely loved every minute of it.  In fact, he craves every new cuckolding experience!  Another has told me, “I watched, almost shocked, as she took him in her mouth right in front of me! I am so small that she can’t do this for me, and never does. She slurped and sucked like a lust-crazed woman. All I could do was look at my tiny, unsatisfying bit of manhood with shame while I ached to be with them.”

I personally enjoy cuckolding, and finding big bulls to humiliate the tiny!  If you have a cuckold fantasy, if you are a cuckold, or if you would like help becoming a cuckold, let me know and I will both listen and guide you! You know you need it! You know you deserve it. Tell Mistress Delia your thoughts about cuckolding!

Cuckold training