Holly's surprise guest“Oh baby, I hope you had a great day! So glad to see you, I’ve missed you.”
I meet you at the door and kiss you on the lips. You notice that I am in my
sexy lingerie a little early and your attention is definitely peaked.

“I would love to be naughty tonight,” *giggle* “I’ve honestly been waiting
all day to have you home. I have such a special surprise for later. Come up
stairs with me.” You follow as you are told up the stairs, loosening your
tie and kicking off your shoes as we entire the bedroom.

Once upstairs you see the bed is free of pillows except one in the top
middle. You know what this means, pussy licking. And lots of it. I begin to
help you undress. Your cock twitching at the thought of hot sex. Oh my, you
have found me to be a bit off lately but tonight you are going to have it.
We haven’t had sex in weeks and your cock is rock hard thinking about that
sweet pussy of mine.

While you finish taking your socks off I lay back on the bed, with my head
up on the pillow. My knees spread shoulder width apart. And just as you are
about to get down between my legs there is a knock at the door.

“Oh my, perfect timing. Come in!”

“Perfect timing? What is this? Honey, who is coming?”

The man who is going to fuck me . You, sit. There, in the corner.”

At first you stand in total disbelief until you see the tall, strapping
young man at the doorway to the bedroom. He can’t be more than 20, 6’4″ with
muscles showing through a tight black shirt. You begin to stumble back and
fall into the chair as the young boy quickly pulls down his pants showing an
exquisite cock that has to be 9 inches, at least.