Would you deny me? That’s what this is all about. Your worthless little tic-tac dick cannot satisfy me. I’m tired of your lame attempts at romance
and your pitiful pussy licking.

I want a real cock. I need real man to come and ravish me. Would you have me horny and lonely without a solution? Of course you wouldn’t.

I know you love me. I know you want to be with me. Most importantly, I know you want me to be happy.

From my happiness comes your happiness. And in this case, I think we can both enjoy ourselves. We’ve danced around the issue for ages about a threesome. Would you like to be cuckolded? It’s like a threesome, sort of.

Close your eyes and imagine another man touching me. Kissing my neck and
squeezing my tits. I know how you worship my body. Wouldn’t you enjoy
watching another man enjoy it.

You can sit in that corner chair near the bed and watch the whole thing
unfold. You can see him enter me, fucking me so good I cum over and over.
Remember when you used to make me cum? I want that feeling again.

Would you deny me?

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