So you are finally ready to submit. You realize that your worthless dick
isn’t going to satisfy anyone. Good for you. Now you just need to figure out
how to go about doing all that cucks need to do. Or better yet, get the
tools necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Let’s begin with that worthless dick. Obviously that isn’t going to please
the pussy in your life. So you must go shopping around for a Bull. Some hot,
young stud that is hung like a horse and horny like a bunny. Somebody that
will *finally* satisfy where you have left nothing but sympathy.

How will you entice him? Will you simply parade around photos of your
beautiful partner? No! You must entice him yourself. And that means a good
ole fashion cock sucking. You will need to do the prep work during the
cuckold session anyway, so why not show him a piece of what will cum. Err,
come. That’s right, you must degrade yourself. Let the bull know that you
are a naughty little cock slut. That you have been practicing taking a strap
on and that you can’t wait to have a real cock in your mouth. You’ve been
dying to know what a *real* cock feels like in your hands and right down
your throat.

Once you have your bull, then you need to purchase other supplies. What does
your partner want? Will she need lube? A naughty new outfit maybe? Maybe she
wants you in panties. Go to her and find out what her fantasy is. Remember,
it really is all about her.

Cuckold fantasy with holly


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