As much humiliation as you’ve had through this whole week, I’m willing to
bet all you want to do is come home to your ‘LOVING’ wife. It’s been a tough
day at work for you, hasn’t it? All day long your boss has been up and down
chewing your ass. He even called you pathetic sissy boy a few times.
Commenting on how he feels bad for your wife because she’s with a limp dick
loser like you.


You come home and you wife already had plans. All you get was a note on the
table reading ‘be back later, going out to dinner, don’t wait up’

You try her cell phone many times and she still does not answer. No text
message, no nothing. So you are home alone for several hours.

Finally you get a call! And it’s your wife!

You quickly answer.and on the other end you hear heavy breathing and
panting. And your wife starts talking to you

“honey, you know I have needs, and you know that you just aren’t fulfilling
them. So I’ve gone out and found a real man. One day I’ll let you watch, but
for now, you can listen. Listen to me moan and scream his name.

Picture my eyes locking on yours as he rams his hard cock into me. Something
you’ve never been able to do. And will never get the chance to even try

The conversation goes on and on, you are red in the face from the
humiliation of being cuckolded on cell phone and yet slightly aroused at the
idea of your woman being taken by a bull of a man.

Then you hear the man’s voice…it’s oddly familiar isn’t it? Then a look of
shock comes over your face.

Yes.much to your horror and humiliation

It’s your boss. ~teehee~

~*~Empress Ivy~*~



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