Are you jealous cuckold?You know all about cuckolding by now. The joys of looking at her in ecstasy,
knowing that she is finally being satisfied. One thing you might not have
considered yet are those pangs of jealousy. Jealousy is common for cucks,
even for those that are dedicated to the lifestyle. It’s only natural to
have jealous thoughts as your lover is being ravaged by another.

So how do you deal with those feelings? First, remember why you are a cuck
to begin with. You are not enough for her. And it is all about her, her
pleasure, her orgasm, her delight. You live to make her a happy women and
this is your cross to bear.

Don’t ignore those feelings. Allow them to ignite your passion. They might
lead you down a road you hadn’t considered before. Like, what about being
more proactive in the sessions? That’s right, prep and clean up. Surely if
you take the time to enjoy that dick as much as she does you will gain a little
joy knowing that you are integral to her pleasure. It isn’t your cock
fucking her, but you are the one who made it wet and hard.

Or maybe you can simply be more proactive in choosing the right bull. There
is a lot that goes into a great cuck relationship – find something and run
with it. It will show your partner how
absolutely dedicated you are to her and to your cuckhood.

And if nothing else, use that rage all over your dick and enjoy the best
jerk session ever as you watch! Just thinking!

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