You’ve had it planned for weeks … a romantic getaway for just the two of us in order to surprise me for our anniversary. It’s somewhat mad to celebrate being married for just one month, but you find that sort of silly romanticism charming. Not to mention it’s the perfect setting to spend 2 days fawning over each other, making passionate love. We’ve been working very hard at the office lately and, well you feel that we deserve a little time together as a couple. When you inquired at the resort about their packages, they’d mentioned a couple’s massage and a romantic dinner for 2 overlooking the water. In your briefcase, you’re carrying a gift-wrapped box with a very naughty pair of skimpy white panties and a scrap of fabric that could pass for a bra … in your mind, you can already see me wearing it as we lay in bed.

Leaving the office early wasn’t a problem … you even had time to stop at pick up 2 dozen of my favourite peach and yellow roses in order to surprise me! Whistling to yourself, you pull up and wonder for a moment why my car is parked in the driveway … certainly I shouldn’t be home from the office just yet. For a moment you wonder if you’re going to have to cancel the weekend getaway … certainly if I’m home already, there must be something wrong!

Grabbing the flowers, you rush into the house and head upstairs … already you can hear me speaking with someone, although the sounds are too muffled to really make out what is being said. As you throw open the bedroom door, my name falters on your lips as you stare at the bed …

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